For those who live life as if on holiday, perhaps there is no need for introductions.

For the vast majority, however, a holiday is usually connected to time off work or a vacation abroad at best.

Curious as to what this word could mean for most, we took to the web:

  1. A holy day
  1. A day on which I don’t have to go to work
  1. A day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event
  1. A period of relaxation
  1. To take or spend a holiday especially in travel or at a resort
  1. Laughter is an instant vacation
  1. My life
  1. A vacation is a time when I decide to have aholiday, while holiday is the time when one does not decide.
  1. Visiting a new country.
  1. Spending time with people I love.


We would love to hear what is your definition of a holiday and we look forward to seeing you in Corfu!

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