The following are but the slightest things you can do to offer your part in preserving our natural inheritance:

Dispose of all your rubbish into designated rubbish bins.

Do not put your cigarettes out on the beach.

If you see plastic floating in the sea remove it.

When leaving the island dispose of any plastic or inflatable toys in the rubbish.

Support businesses that actively do their part in maintaining their natural environment.

Be aware of how much water you use when showering.

Minimize air conditioning use to 15 minutes prior to entering a room.

Do not remove large quantities of rocks and sand from their natural location.

Report sightings of sea mammals to authorities and avoid harming any living species.

Leave a small foot print wherever you go: less noise, less rubbish, less disruption to surroundings.


We want to see the emerald island of the Mediterranean preserved for generations to come.

Please share the island’s beauty with the world, through exceptional photographs of your holiday and if you see something that you don’t like while you are here please don’t hesitate to let those responsible know.

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