From private gardens to road side shrubs, the plants and flowers to marvel at are infinite.

“They are so endless” writes Edward Lear, 24 May, 1856.

Spring and early summer is an orgiastic display of colours, fragrances and breathtaking skylines.

The sky is neon blue, the sun is warm but not scorching and the great outdoors has just given birth to a fresh new cycle of wild flowers, rare orchids, migrating birds and colourful butterflies. has been set up to record the extraordinary abundance of flowers on the island of Corfu. The flowers are displayed in family order, grouped according to botanical systematics with orchids first.

A notable area of botanical interest is the British Cemetery in Corfu Town which contains over 30 different orchids.

Delfinia Gardens are also an expression of years of dedicated love and care that have grown into luscious shades of green stretching across the hotel grounds to meet the sea.

Shady trees, colored flowerbeds, rare herbs and juicy fruits are carefully taken care of all year around.

In 2014 The Delfinia Hotels Tree Project was launched.By naming all the trees in Delfinia Gardens we wished to acknowledge the vital contribution trees make to our lives.

Whilst staying at Delfinia Hotels you will be able to discover and learn more about the trees, flowers and other residents in Delfinia Gardens through creative play and workshops for adults and children.

And if you missed the chance in Spring, you needn’t worry because September and October are also a great time of year to catch some dazzling flowers and natural wonders.

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