Loutses Cave is probably the largest, just outside the village of Loutses on the northern slopes of Mount Pantokratoras.

At an altitude of 300m, the entrance of the cave is easily accessible by car.

The pathway leading down into the cave, however, can be slippery when wet and a rather steep hike on the way back up.
The cave floor is soft and flat giving visitors the ease of space to take in the grandiosity of it.

Beautiful rock formations are visible on the dome like walls, with the cave entrance creating quite a spectacle when looking out into the open from within.

Care needs to be taken in winter if it has been raining a lot.

The entire area is of particular beauty and interest, with wonderful views north into the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian village of Old Perythia close by.

This is a day’s excursion well worth the scenic drive.

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