We run a business with a vision to preserve the island’s natural beauty whilst maintaining a life style that speaks of respect and inner wholeness.

Should you hear the seductive call of Corfu Island’s adventurous South we look forward to welcoming you.

This is a short list of some of the best views in Corfu’s south to get you started. Most are easily accessed by young and old.

1. Agia Kyriaki is a small chapel sitting on a rock above Achilleon Palace. They say this is where the Empress Sissy came to rest. Walk through Gastouri Village for footpath signs and look out for the aqueducts created by the progressive philhellene.

2. Agios Matheos is a traditional village in Corfu’s south with deep historical roots. The hill that rises above it, called Gamilios, is home to the Monastery of Pantokrator, built at the start of the 4th century AD. It’s a steep walk up.

3. Drive to Chlomos village on the south east coast for breathtaking 360 views of Corfu’s entire seductive south. Korission Lake seen from above at sunset is simply divine. Have a glass of wine or a bight to eat there too.

4. Panagia of Arkoudilas is a catholic church, built in 1700s but now in ruins, on the southernmost tip of Corfu Island. Surrounded by around 250 acres of thick vegetation a decent footpath will lead you to some of the best views on the island.

5. The sand dunes and cedar tree forest surrounding Korission Lake reach as far as Issos Beach. When walking on top of the dunes you can catch sight of the entire area, which is a protected natural reserve, home to many birds and other living creatures.

The main point here, is get out, enjoy the island’s intense natural beauty and have fun!

Photo by Ralf Rheingauers Frank

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