Curious as to what it’s all about we asked Blaise Mwami, one of the main organisers of the Corfu Beach Festival, a few questions to which we received a whole new world of answers.

Blaise is originally from Kinshasa which is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He currently lives in the UK where he and the Salsa Contigo UK team organise parties that have as many as 900 people dancing to Afro Latin music. Blaise also teaches at festivals all around Europe.

We dance when we are happy and also dance when we are sad to express how we are feeling”

“Music and dance has always been part of my life” says Blaise “In my culture, whatever we do is expressed through dance and music”. He believes that to be a good dancer is to have the ability to feel the music and interpret it how you feel it.

The idea for the Corfu Beach Festival came from a friend living in Corfu who wanted to have a Kizomba party there.

From that idea there are now more than 2 music genres involved and the organising team are expecting more than 300 amazing dancers to travel to Corfu Island just for the love of dance.

You can contact the organisers of the Corfu Beach Festival for more information by email at

The Corfu Beach Festival will take place at Delfinia Hotels in Moraitika, Corfu Island, Greece. For accommodation bookings and reservations visit

What are the origins of Bachata and Kizomba and what does it take to be good at it? The answer to these questions and more will be coming up soon in Part 2.

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