Kizomba, Mwami explains, originated from Angola with lot of influences from Zouk and a bit of tango even though some people describe it as African Tango. Bachata, on the other hand has its origins from the Dominican Republic with some Salsa and Merengue influences.

In Corfu there will be special workshop called “ The Origin of Kizomba” by the One and Only Mestre Petchu. “I hope people will come to that workshop to understand deep down the origins of Kizomba”  says Mwami.

“Bachata and Kizomba can be easy to learn. As long as you enjoy the music and put some effort and time into it, the rest will fall in place before you even notice it. Bachata has a big following in the world for some time now. Kizomba is now taking over the whole of Europe as we speak. We wanted to bring it to one of the most beautiful Island in Europe as well.”

“To be a good dancer is generally the ability to feel the music and interpret it how you feel it. I think that might be applicable to Bachata and Kizomba as well. A man will always make the lady feel like she is the most amazing dancer on the planet regardless of her level.”

We definitely like Mwami’s way of seeing things and are feeling more and more excited by the idea that the Salsa Contigo UK team has put together the most versatile and amazing team of professionals who know how to party and can also provide the most amazing workshops in the business.

“If you want to be the best, you can only learn from the best. We have teachers from UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Angola, Italy and so on. The festival will cater for everyone: Beginners, advanced and professionals. The main focus will be to show people some great time while they are learning the dance or improving their dancing skills or just learn some new dance…or even just come to enjoy the beach parties.”

Apart from an opportunity to have a great time and enjoy the magic and beauty of Corfu Island the Corfu Beach Festival feels like a serious opportunity to get your dancing shoes on and dance from the heart with those that know how to do it good. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Local people living in Corfu can join the festival, the whole 4 days, for just 50Euros if booked before 30th March 2015. We have frozen the price for them to show our appreciation to the lovely island and its population. The above price includes all 30 workshops and all parties for the whole festival!

It is easy to book your local pass. Just email and we will advise for payment. All you will need to do after that is bring your ID to the festival to collect your pass.
There is a possibility we will have themed parties for the duration of the party. We will reveal that information on our facebook page. Please like Corfu Beach Festival page to stay updated with all the info.

For further information and details about teachers and workshops follow the links bellow:

Corfu Beach Festival on facebook:

Corfu Beach Festival website:

The Corfu Beach Festival will take place at Delfinia Hotels in Moraitika, Corfu Island, Greece. For accommodation bookings and hotel reservations visit

You can read Part 1 of this interview with Blaise Mwami here:

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