Would you consider a holiday with a difference?

Ariane P├ęclard-Sahli has been leading Yoga and Biodanza holidays at Delfinia Hotels for the past three years.

Participants start their day saluting the rising sun with Yoga on the beach and the exquisite Delfinia gardens.

In the evening a Biodanza movement and dance circle takes place in our Athena conference room.

Delfinia Hotels offer a beautiful and traquil space to relax, meditate and go within particulalry in the later months of the season.

Ariane’s course runs from the 13th to the 20th of October and is ideal for those looking for a holiday in the sun that will make a real difference to them before the winter months set in.

Please visit https://www.ariane-yoga-biodanza.ch/ for course details or call +41 786861296 for direct bookings.


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