As of this week a beautiful 40 square meter yurt called Kalypso stands atop a small hill at Delfinia Hotels in Moraitika, Corfu Island, Greece.

The first written description of a yurt used as a dwelling was recorded by Herodotus, the ‘father of history’, who lived in Greece between 484 and 424 BC. He described yurt-like tents as the dwelling place of the Scythians, a horse riding-nomadic nation who lived in the northern Black Sea and Central Asian region from around 600 BC to AD 300.

What makes a yurt special from our point of view is that it is made of natural materials and that it is perfectly round with a 7 meter diameter in this case. 

A yurt is designed to be dismantled and the parts carried compactly on camels or yaks to be rebuilt on another site. Complete construction takes around 2 hours. As we have no intention of moving Kalypso nor do we have any camels at Delfinia Hotels, we constructed a permanent wooden floor base and it took us two days to fit the wooden lattice and canvas into place.

At least one of our daily Activity Programme events takes place in the Kalypso and it is wonderful to see the pleasure and inspiration it offers.

If you would like to simply visit the yurt or you consider using it for a special event please contact Delfinia Hotels on +30 26610 76320 

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