“I am a Sport Physiotherapist” says Sylvia “and I love my profession!”

Sylvia is one of the lucky people to have made her hobby her profession. She manages journeys with people who wish to have fun, stay fit and enjoy the cultural experience of the place they are visiting.

A typical FIT & FUN day will include aqua fitness, gymnastics, drumming and a trip by bicycle, bus or by boat to meet some of the locals.

Everyone has enough time to be on their own and can take part in as much of the programme as they wish to.

“What I love about Corfu” says Sylvia “is that everybody is friendly, helpful and that you always feel welcome”.

Staying at Delfinia Hotels means that you are directly on the sea front, the rooms are nice, the staff are friendly, there is very good food in the restaurant, nice drinks at the Beach Bar and Delfinia Gardens are perfect for the FIT & FUN sport programme.

Sylvia’s FIT & FUN programme will take place in May & June 2015 and then again in September.

If you are a group leader and are thinking about bringing your specific interest group to Corfu Island why not contact Delfinia Hotels for special group prices?

Delfinia Hotels offer many possibilities for successful group events including a traditional yurt called Kalypso as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.

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