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Most of our guests know her simply as ‘Maria’.What you probably didn’t know about her, is that her full name is Maria Emvraizoglou and she started working at Delfinia Hotels in 1988.

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12 Things you can do in Corfu: Cycling

An organized Cycling Tour of Corfu Town or Corfu’s southern ‘flatter’ country side can be an exciting way to explore the great outdoors as well as a way to meet new people with a similar sense of adventure.

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12 Unique Locations In Corfu: Loutses Cave

Yes, amongst many of its undiscovered treasures, are a number of accessible caves in Corfu.

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12 Things you can do in Corfu: Play Golf

The beautiful golf course of Corfu has been characterized by many as one of the best hidden secrets in Europe.

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12 Unique Locations In COrfu: Waterfalls of Nymfes

Corfu Island enchants with its luscious greens and cobalt Ionian blues. A humid microclimate ensures rich vegetation and bountiful evergreen trees.

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Celebrating 50 Years At Delfinia Hotels

Change is the only thing that is certain!

This is one of the things we have come to realize at Delfinia Hotels after 50 years in the hospitality industry.

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Taste Corfu’s Wines

Corfu Island has at least four local varieties of grape and produces large quantities of wine each year most of which remains shared between families and friends.

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Corfu’s Internet Photographers

There’s nothing like a great photograph to get a message across. In most instances, the emotions conjured up by an exquisite sunset cannot be described in a thousand words.

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Why Is Autumn The Best Time To Be In Corfu?

Late September, October and even November can be the best time to holiday in Corfu.

Yes, even better than Spring!

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The Authentic Corfu

What so many people love about Corfu is its authenticity.

Authentic food, authentic experiences and authentic hospitality are all part of this highly arbitrary, but instantly recognizable quality when in Corfu.

Despite Corfu having been one of the first islands in Greece to become a popular tourist destination, it still retains a unique and heart-warming authenticity, which inspires many international visitors to become permanent residents here.

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