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Join The Creative Swing

Creativity is in full swing at Delfinia Hotels this summer.

Be you young or more sophisticated there is something for every taste.

Gilda Frumkin’s THE HUMAN PASSAGE exhibition, takes centre stage from the 3rd July to 4th August.

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Corfu Is A Walker’s Paradise

Corfu for walkers is a paradise in the month of May and early June.

Spring and early summer is an orgiastic display of colours, fragrances and breathtaking skylines.

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Delfinia Hotels 2016 Activity Programme

You’re in for a great time!

This year’s programme has been put together with a lot of experience and talent, with the intention of highlighting Delfinia Hotel’s unique atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

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The Four Elements At Delfinia Hotels

Earth, Air, Fire and Water are the four elements that Delfinia Hotels have used, either as a source of inspiration for aesthetic upgrades and renovations or as a concept informing the programme and activities that take place here.

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Opa! or ‘Ωπα!’ in Greek.

Perhaps you’ve heard it, perhaps not.

The word OPA! is a Greek epiphonema or exclamation that goes with just about everything.

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Facilities & Services At Delfinia Hotels

Take a look at the rich list of facilities & guest services offered by Delfinia Hotels in Corfu Island, Greece.

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5 Of The Best Views In Corfu’s South

Delfinia Hotels offer the tranquility of meditative gardens and a catered for holiday providing you with easy access to Corfu Island’s seductive south.

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What’s New At Delphina Hotels In 2016

Yes, we are making changes. Again.

“WE WANT TO CHANGE IN ORDER TO IMPROVE” say the owners of Delfinia Hotels.

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5 Unusual Museums In Corfu

With such a mixture of peoples on the Island of Corfu, it is no wonder the word ‘unusual’ crops up every now and then.

A reflection of the island’s rich cultural history and an inherent interest in people and their lifestyles can be seen in five rather unusual museums in Corfu.

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10 Ways You Can Contribute To Keeping Corfu Clean And Beautiful

Corfu island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its unique microclimate ensures rich biodiversity in flora and fauna alike, which lent it the ancient title of ‘garden of the Gods’.

Despite the favour of the gods and nature’s powerful ability to sustain and regenerate itself, the increase in the island’s population each summer, takes its toll on our precious natural environment.

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