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Books To Read On Holiday In Corfu

A holiday without a good book is for some like a gin and tonic without ice or perhaps the perfect holiday companion for others.

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5 Things For Under 5’s To Do At Delfinia Hotels

Delfinia Hotels are a family friendly hotel. Flat green garden grounds, a children’s’ pool and shallow crystal clear sea waters make Delfinia Hotels an ideal choice for young families.

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5 Corfu Summer Festivals To Book Your Holiday Around

There are many reasons Corfu Island has become an international summer festival destination.

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Energy Efficiency Upgrade At Delphinia Hotels

“Fireflies are one of the most efficient energy producers on our planet”

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Short Beaked Common Dolphin – Delphinus Delphis – Κοινό Δελφίνι

“The short beaked common dolphin was once one of the most abundant cetacean species in the Mediterranean Sea” Ionian Dolphin Species Guide.

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5 Good Reasons To Stay Delphina Hotels

Most people need 3 good reasons before attempting something new. Some people need only 1.

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Risso’s Dolphin – Grampus Griseus – Σταχτοδέλφινο

According to the Ionian Dolphin Project’s Species Guide “the Risso’s dolphin is the largest dolphin species regularly occurring in the Greek Seas”.

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Are You A Group Leader?

Sylvia Wertanek is from Vienna, Austria and has been visiting Corfu Island and bringing her FIT & FUN group to Delfinia Hotels for nearly a decade.

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