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Corfu In The Winter

Yes it does get cold in Corfu in the winter. 

When lying in the Corfu sun shine and floating in the crystal clear waters of the warm summer sea it is easy to dream of an eternal paradise. When dreaming of how it would be to live on Corfu Island all year round the question inevitably arises.

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A Very Brief History Of Delfinia Hotels

It all started with a restaurant.

A restaurant called Delfinia on the waterfront of Moraitika beach opened its doors back in the early 1960’s by one Ms Louisa . She obviously had a rather more sophisticated know how than the traditional Greek cuisine and a keen eye for quality and service.

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Bring Your Group

Delfinia Hotels accommodate many special interest groups every year.

Over the years nature enthusiasts, scientists, spiritual teachers, dancers and other body movement specialists, school students young and old have used our conference and seminar facilities to run their events successfully. Most often than not it is the positive energy and character of Delfinia Hotels that have attracted these groups.

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When Picking Olives At Delfinia Hotels

It is time for the ceremony to begin.

Delfinia Hotels have nearly three hundred olive trees in their gardens all heavily laden with olives ready to be picked. If you stayed with us recently you would have witnessed the cascading branches and the many small olives that are typically Corfiot.

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Who Is Ulysses At Delfinia Hotels?

At times there is little difference between the mythical and the real.

Ulysses is the hero of Homer’s famous epic the Odyssey in which the well regarded fellow is on his return journey home to Ithaca following the battle of Troy.

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Eco-Friendly Swimming pools At Delfinia Hotels

This year in our continuous effort to manage Delfinia Hotels in an
environmentally conscious way we have converted the way we clean and maintain our swimming pools.

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A Yurt Called Kalypso At Delfinia Hotels

A yourt is a portable, dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their home. The word ‘yurt’ simply means home in Mongolian.

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Clean Hands At Delfinia Hotels

We are pleased to communicate that Delfinia Hotels are now actively participating in the Clean Hands Programme www.cleanhands.gr.

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2014 Activity Programme


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When In Corfu Go To A Panegyri

According to a Wikipedia source “a panegyris (Ancient Greek: πανήγυρις “gathering”), is an Ancient Greek general, national or religious assembly. Each was dedicated to the worship of a particular god. It is also associated with saint days and holy festivals”.

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