Does it get cold in Corfu in the winter?

In fact many have tried it. Corfu Island has one of the highest all year populations of foreign residents in Greece. This makes for a very interesting mix of cultural activities that could contain flavors of a Christmas pantomime, Christmas pudding and Dutch waffles at a Christmas craft market, a live transmission of the Nut Cracker at St Albert’s Hall and even celebrations on St Nicholas day on the 6th of December.

Some people believe that Corfu Island is truly at its best during the winter time.

Of course there are plenty that would argue that the dire state of the island’s roads in the winter is enough to make you leave. Corfu’s reputation as the ‘emerald island’ of the Mediterranean, however, requires an adequate amount of rain, damp and tempered warmth to help it grow. Our very own micro climate that forgivingly allows for a very large number of crystal clear sunny days in mid winter that make one’s heart shine brighter than any other summer’s day.

It is the island’s natural diversity and rich beauty that makes for an endless source of pleasure and discovery.

Long Sunday lunches at mountain top tavernas and even longer coffees sipped on overlooking the sea and the warmth of an open fire. Long walks to suit all levels, rigorous mountain cycling, endless bird watching and a landscape all to ones self. There is nothing like a winter’s walk on the beach for finding peace in one’s soul.

In fact taking a holiday in Corfu Island during the winter could be the next best thing to a holiday in Corfu Island in the summer.

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