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Corfu Island is said to be the mythical Scheria where Homer’s epic hero, Ulysses finds himself naked on the beach. Somewhere around Ermones Beach they say. In fact an August reenactment of this event is put on by the local municipality.

It is in the mythical palace of King Alkinoos that Homer’s famous epic unravels and it is on this island that Ulysses remembers his true identity.

It is on Corfu that he is soothed, cleansed and healed back to life and the people of this island who help him get back home to Ithaca.

The island of Corfu has been a place of healing and transformation, in history as well as in myth.

In 1860, Elisabeth (Sissy) of Bavaria, Empress of Austria, travelled to Corfu from Vienna after contracting what was then described as a lung disease. By all accounts, she found Corfu to be a sanctuary and place of healing and recovery.

On the death of her son she commissioned the building of a palace on Corfu which she named the Achilleion, after Homer’s hero, Achilles, in The Iliad.

Today the island hosts many international healing centers and is home to a growing number of exceptional healers and Lightworkers from around the world. They congregate here in response to Corfu’s potent energies.

There are many simple ways of making the most of your own journey here.

Breathe in the energized air, take long walks on one of many stunning beaches, witness the sun rise or sunset in meditation or simply relax and take the opportunity to reflect on what is taking place within? You may wish to visit some sacred sites and high energy points or try one of the many types of healing treatments, workshops and courses available on the island throughout the year.

Delfinia Hotels provide access to discovering the ‘other’ side of Corfu Island.

Local information and understanding of the Island’s energies and healing potential is available as well as tips and guidance on where to go and what to experience. At Delfinia Hotels one may also take part in workshops or have treatments that assist in the attainment of your wellbeing, healing and relaxation.

We look forward to assisting your journey within!

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