Corfu Island or Kerkyra as we call it, has been blessed by the gods with mythical beauty and mesmerizing natural landscapes. It has a rich history and is a crucible of cultures, all of which have left their mark both artistically and architecturally.

In short, Corfu island is as photogenic as a place can be.

In the past, however, it has been photographically represented across international tourist boards with rather commercial images. Good clear images, that is, of our local hot spots but perhaps lacking in character and even amour.

In the past few years, however, the internet and social media in particular, have created a photographic phenomenon that has done wonders for Corfu’s image, both locally and abroad.

Professional and amateurs alike seem to have found an appreciative audience through Facebook, Instagram and the like. As with any form of recognition and ultimately appreciation, it does wonders for one’s self esteem and fuels creative passion even further.

In most instances, Corfu’s internet photographers are not in it for the money. They are simply driven by the love for what they do.

Corfu’s internet photographers have mapped our skies, the stars and the galaxies with Corfu gaining broad international attention for all the right reasons. Their photographic lenses have captured thousands of pink flamingos, rare owls and the tiniest of creatures all of which belong to the island’s rich flora and fauna.

Even as locals, we have witnessed corners of our beloved island we never visited before. Colors, angles and new perspectives that have us looking at our own home, in new appreciative ways.

And if they managed to capture our hearts, we are sure their images will do the same for many others far and wide.

We are grateful to those that have photographed our island with such love and appreciation, that we cannot but follow in their sentiment. Thank you for delivering our Corfu to the world with such scope and passionate dedication for what you do. May your efforts always be recognised and rewarded!

It seems unfair to exclude some photographers over others, but our choice here is guided by Delfinia Hotels’ commitment to highlighting Corfu’s natural environment, particularly in the south. The names bellow are as they appear on Facebook.

If you have any other personal favorites we would love to see them too!

Maria Victoria Douka Maria’s photographs offer an emotional and sentimental view of Corfu island that capture our hearts as much as they do our vision. A beautifully feminine, tender and fresh perspective.

Ralf Rheingauers Frank Ralf seems to have made Corfu his home and has done wonders to raise the profile of Corfu’s seductive south with fantastic images that emanate his love for this land.

Giannis Gasteratos Giannis’ photographs of Corfu’s flora and fauna are as much a document and record of our natural heritage as they are beautiful. Delfinia Hotels are proud to have his images adorning our main building corridors.

Giannis Mazis Strong and daring are the images of this young photographer who seems to go out on a limb to capture Corfu as you’ve never seen it before. Breathtaking and absolutely stunning!

Bill Metallinos Vassilis has captured the imagination of thousands of fans for himself as well as for Corfu through his award winning images of the skies above. Nightscapes and astrological constellations that have offered as hope for something that is much bigger than our often limited sense of self.

Blog post photo by Bill Metallinos

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