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Delfinia Gardens

Delfinia Gardens are an expression of years of dedicated love and care that have grown into luscious shades of green stretching across the hotel grounds to meet the sea.

Shady trees, colored flowerbeds, rare herbs and juicy fruits are carefully taken care of all year around.

Shade, privacy, beauty set against vivid blues and as many shades of green
provide endless hours of pleasure and relaxation for our guests.

In 2014 The Delfinia Hotels Tree Project was launched.

By naming all the trees in Delfinia Gardens we wanted to to acknowledge the vital contribution trees make to our lives.

You shall find more information regarding each tree by visiting our Delfinia Blog on the internet.

Whilst staying at Delfinia Hotels you will be able to discover and learn more about the trees and other residents in Delfinia Gardens through creative play and workshops for adults and children.