Encouragingly the Tree Project provided a source of interest and learning for our guests young and old throughout the summer season.

In 2015 we wish to dedicate our conscious attention to the element of water and the mammal species that is dear to us for it is the dolphin after which Delfinia Hotels were named. Situated on the beach front of a naturally curved bay with relatively shallow, clean and protected waters entire pods of dolphins used to swim across Moraitika bay in front of Delfinia Hotels.

According to Tethys Research Institute Greek waters still harbor a remarkable richness of cetacean fauna compared to the rest of the Mediterranean.

Even though Dolphin and whale populations have seriously decreased since Delfinia Hotels first opened in 1967 we continue to have regular dolphin sightings across the bay every year and we wish it to continue to be so. If raising our awareness of dolphins can positively contribute to their existence in some way then this is what we intend through Delfinia Hotel’s Dolphin Project.

We will regularly profile a cetacean species on our Delfinia Blog and dedicate an area in Delfinia Hotels where our guests can view selected photographs of dolphins and other educational information sourced from active organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of cetacean species.

We are as yet unable to predict how the Dolphin Project will unfold at Delfinia Hotels. We are open to future collaborations and projects with the same intention and wish to see dolphin and whale populations rise rather than decrease in coming years around Corfu Island and the Ionian Sea.

Photo: Tethys Research Institute www.tethys.org

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