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The trials and tribulations of Homer’s hero Ulysses could be read as metaphors of any human soul on the path to redemption. Ulysses’ ten year mythical adventure on the way from Troy to Ithaca is related in Homer’s second epic poem, the Odyssey.

On his way home to Ithaca our hero stops for dinner.

This isn’t any dinner. After eighteen days alone bashed and bruised at sea he arrives naked on a godly place. This is Scheria, the island of Feakes (Pheaceans). Modern day Corfu for most.

Here reigned King Alkinoos and Queen Arete. They had one daughter, Nausikaa and five sons. Nausikaa was the one who found Ulysses fighting for his life somewhere around Ermones Beach they say.

Calm and affable Nausikaa gave him food and clothes and then showed him the way to the palace.

Odysseus moved the royal couple not only to help him but also do him honor by organizing athletic contests and feasts. At the farewell dinner, when the bard Demodokos sang of the Trojan Horse, Odysseus was moved to tears. This is where our hero starts to recount his journey’s tale. This is where he remembers who he is.

We cannot guarantee such a transformational effect or ancient bards at breakfast but we certainly do our best to honor our guests at Delfinia Hotels.

We have named our main Restaurant Feakes in the name of this mythic dinner where everything shined golden and was fit for gods. The Pheaceans were proud to have given hospitality to such a great hero. We in turn take great pride in offering our service and hospitality to our guests. We cater for modern tastes and accommodate for most dietary needs.

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