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We wish to share some of our initiatives at Delfinia Hotels to manage energy in a conscious way whilst also enhancing your stay with us.

Every year we invest in improving our hotel facilities so that they function in a more energy efficient way.This year we replaced Delfinia Hotels’ central heating generator with a brand new system whilst the year before that we increased the number of solar panels that provide us with solar powered energy.

On a much simpler level we encourage our guests to hand in old batteries and any small used appliances that you no longer need at reception. A special container for used batteries can be found at the main lobby entrance.

You will find notices in the Hotel’s rooms informing guests not to ask for sheets and towels to be changed every day unless you feel it is necessary.

If you leave towels in the bath we’ll know that you want them changed.

The biggest energy consumer is the prolonged use of air conditioning units. Setting the unit temperature at around 24 degrees Celsius is the healthiest and most energy efficient option. A room needs around fifteen minutes to cool down to a comfortable temperature. Sleeping with the AC on is not recommended.

Our intention is to save energy in efficient ways that has the least impact on our precious environment.

Living on an island the negative effects are easily apparent.

We wish to do our best for future generations as well as create a clean and cared for environment to live or holiday in the now.

If there is something you feel we could be doing better we would like to hear it from you.
Please use the questionnaire provided by Delfinia Hotels upon your arrival or let us know in person.

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