ENERGY SAVING INITIATIVES are an ongoing commitment at Delfinia Hotels. Every year we assess our energy consumption and environmental impact in order to function as a greener healthier business.

“You cannot reduce something if you don’t measure it first”

An increase in energy consumption as well as a changing financial climate demanded that we take a step back and re-assess the energy we run on.In the winter of 2014-2015 Delfinia Hotels underwent an energy efficiency assessment by a specialist company which resulted in a large scale upgrade.

This upgrade which has meant an overall saving of energy to the scale of 35% to 40% was achieved in six main steps:

  • We installed a power monitoring system which enabled us to have accurate readings of our real energy consumption. A precise measure gave us the numbers we had to work with so we could design the most effective energy upgrades.


  • A heat pump for the hotel’s hot water consumption was installed. It is considered the most efficient system for heating water by taking advantage of the difference between outside temperature and the temperature of the water which runs in the main distribution grid. Our new heat pump absorbs one (1) unit of energy and provides us with three (3) units of energy.


  • We upgraded all electrical fittings in the main indoor and outdoor areas of Delfinia Hotels in order to reduce electricity loss and to increase the technical security of our installations.


  • We replaced all old technology light bulbs with new LED ones which consume between 35-60% less energy as well as making better ‘optical sense’ as they create a more relaxed seeing atmosphere.


  • We added more solar panels to strengthen our pre-existing self producing energy system which now covers up to 75% of Delfinia Hotels’ warm water needs.


  • We placed 10KW of photovoltaic cells on the roof top of one of the hotel’s three buildings to store our self-produced energy.


As our energy consultant said “we have to make our water pumps smarter!”

And so we did.

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Delfinia Hotels, Moraitika, Corfu Island, GREECE

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