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Grava Cave in Corfu Island’s seductive south is not your usual dingy, bat crawling, hair raising place.

In fact one feels quite comfortably at home as it is quite evident that people lived here in peace even if it was 22.000 years ago.

The cave itself sits on the southern side of a hill overlooking the entire area bellow. Tools, bones and other artifacts found here attest to the presence of a Paleolithic community that settled here around 20.000 BC.

One can tangibly feel that these human ancestors traveled as far west as they could, at a time when Corfu Island was still geologically connected to mainland Corfu, until they hit the coastal waters of the Mediterranean.

The energy of Grava Cave is truly palpable making it easy to feel our human history coming alive in one’s very bones.

Grava Cave is just before another historical landmark, Gardiki Castle, on  the way to Korission Lake. It is some 4km from Delfinia Hotels making it easy to get to from Moraitika even on a bicycle. On foot it would take you over an hour and a half to get to.

Photo: B. Metallinos

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