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Kerkyra (Corfu) Island & Resort

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful Island of Kerkyra (Corfu) and Moraitika Beach resort, the gateway to Kerkyra (Corfu) Island’s seductive south. We believe Kerkyra (Corfu) Island is one of the most versatile and culturally rich destinations in Europe. Its natural beauty has been described as a ‘Garden for Gods’ and its tangible energy will have you coming back for more.


Today Kerkyra (Corfu) Island is undergoing a huge identity change. Something new is afloat much of it being born forth by a younger generation of Corfiots that have travelled abroad and now returned to offer their experiences locally. If you are already hooked on Kerkyra (Corfu) you know what we mean and if you’ve been before something new is definitely on offer.

As an experienced holiday destination Kerkyra (Corfu) has everything you might wish for during a holiday and more.
Kerkyra (Corfu) has one of the highest return holiday rates in Europe and it is not simply because the food is good or its inhabitants friendly. Much has been said about the island’s beauty and the color of its sparkling sea. The idea that Kerkyra (Corfu) is in fact the Green Island of the Mediterranean finally appears to be crystallizing.

Slow but steady is the growing pace of eco-friendly businesses and exciting new ventures that highlight the natural richness of the island and are getting to the top of the Kerkyra (Corfu)’s To Do list.

Kerkyra (Corfu) Island is fast being recognized as a popular holiday destination for both religious as well as alternative tourism. Over twenty monasteries and more than a couple of hundred churches attract orthodox christian visitors from around the world.

In recognition of the island’s strong energy and potent beauty many professional therapists, healers and teachers also congregate on this side of the Mediterranean. As a result, many forms of healing and popular alternative therapy methods are available all year around.

Kerkyra (Corfu) is characterized by an incredible diversity both of culture and of natural landscape.
Many local products are now reaching international acclaim. Our very own Corfu Beer is brewed in Arillas and has won many awards. Kerkyra (Corfu) Island is the only place that produces local Ginger Beer. You can visit this small factory in the village of Kalafationes. Many herbal and organic beauty products are also produced locally and are available on supermarket shelves and other specialty shops.

Above all Kerkyra (Corfu) thrills visitors with its sounds as a long and rich history of music can be traced here.
The Venetians introduced opera to Kerkyra (Corfu) in 1733. They created the first modern theatre in Hellas (Greece) called San Giacomo for opera performances. A chamber orchestra and opera society still runs today. The Corfiot Nikolaos Chalikiopoulos-Mantzaros is the composer of the Greek National Anthem, setting to music in 1830 the “Hymn to Liberty” by the poet Dionysios Solomos. Mantzaros composed 24 symphonies and other religious and secular music but he devoted most of his time to teaching.

Kerkyra (Corfu) hosts one of the most frequented music universities in Hellas (Greece) as well as many state run music schools for young enthusiasts. There are over fifteen brass bands on the island that play their music in open air religious ceremonies at Easter.

The name of the island in Greek is “Kerkyra”, whereas in European languages it is called “Corfu”, a deviant pronunciation of the word “Koryfo”, the medieval name of the island. Kerkyra is homeland to several important personalities of the political and intellectual life of Hellas (Greece) as well as a chosen residence for many foreign royals and VIPs. Its rich cultural and historical background, in fact, has earned Corfu Town UNESCO World Heritage status.

To cut a long story short anyone who visits Kerkyra (Corfu) will feel the magic of the place: Kerkyra (Corfu) is the island of beauty, of healing, of music and song, of culture.

Moraitika Beach Resort

Moraitika Beach Resort is just a few minutes walk away from the hotel Only 19 Km away from Kerkyra (Corfu) Town center, Moraitika has grown over the last years into the ideal holiday summer resort. There is a calmer more settled tone to this side of Kerkyra (Corfu) Island that makes it an ideal holiday destination for those seeking a relaxed environment with easy access to restaurants, cafes and general resort facilities.

Moraitika stretches out between the sea shore and the national road connecting the town of Kerkyra (Corfu) with villages at the southern end of Kerkyra (Corfu) Island. As such, it is a great place to stay for those travelers who wish to explore and enjoy the island’s Seductive South as well as being accessibly close to many locations of natural beauty.

Its proximity to a beautiful beach with tranquil crystal clear waters, to some of the best fish restaurants on the island as well as offering some better quality resort shops, medical facilities and the like make Moraitika ideal if you are travelling alone, as a group of friends and families alike.

In Moraitika Beach Resort you’ll find:

  • Shops & restaurants      Water sports      Pedallos
  • Doctors & chemists      Beauty Salon      Beach Bars
  •  Sun beds and umbrellas      Boat Trips      Motorbikes & Bicycles

Getting to Delfinia Hotels

Delfinia Hotels are 20km south of Kerkyra (Corfu) Town center and some 19km from Kapodistrias airport.

By car

Getting to Delfinia Hotels is straight forward and should take no more than 30 minutes if it`s your first time to Delfinia Hotels.

We recommend that you make a copy of these driving instructions and keep the Delfinia Hotels telephone number with you handy.

As you come out of the airport turn left. This is the National Kerkyra (Corfu) Lefkimi Road heading south. Stay on this road for another 9km past two sets of traffic lights until you reach a large blue sign for Benitses and Lefkimi.

Turn left and follow the road for another 11km. This will take you along the coast. After a couple of kilometers you should be able to spot the graphic Pontikonisi Island on your left. You will drive past Kaiser’s Bridge, the fishing village of Benitses, through Agios Ioannis tunnel before reaching the outskirts of Moraitika resort.

The flagged entrance to Delfinia Hotels is on your left hand side. If you find yourself driving through Moraitika resort you have gone too far. Welcome to Delfinia Hotels!

By taxi

Ask the driver for a price before starting the journey Taxi Tours

By bus

A regular bus service runs from the Intercity Green Bus (KTEL) which is located near the Airport.

You can catch the Messonghi or the Kavos bus to get to Delfinia Hotels.

See Green Buses for timetables.

If you have booked a packaged holiday with us your tour operator will have arranged transport for you.

Getting to Kerkyra (Corfu) Island

A regular flight connection with Olympic or Aegean Air via Athens and Thessaloniki connects Kerkyra (Corfu) Island to other European and International destinations all year round.

Delfinia Hotels are open from May through to October. There are many ways to get here during these months. Direct flights operate between Kerkyra (Corfu)’s Kapodistria’s Airport and a growing number of international destinations around Europe. If you are flying independently both Easyjet and Ryan Air run a service to Kerkyra (Corfu) Island.

There is a daily National Bus service that runs from Athens and Thessaloniki that includes the ferryboat ride from the mainland port of Igoumenitsa. For travel information see Green Buses. Kerkyra (Corfu) is 529 kilometers from Athens, 322 kilometers from Thessaloniki, 291 kilometers from Patras and 80 kilometers from Ioannina.

If you are travelling from Europe it is also possible to get to Kerkyra (Corfu) by boat via Igoumenitsa and Patras.
Venice, Ancona and Bari are all port of departure for Hellas (Greece). See Greek Ferries

During the summer months daily excursions by boat to the mainland , Paxos and Albania are available.

For those sailing to Kerkyra (Corfu) on a private vessel Kerkyra (Corfu) Marina and the new port of Kerkyra (Corfu) offer mooring facilities Corfu Marina