It is very close in use to the English “Oops!” but has an added, almost spiritual dimension to it.

It is used instinctively, spontaneously and is acquired through one Greek gene or another.

If you are lucky to stay in Corfu long enough, you might pick it up without even noticing.

Its use is highly contagious and even addictive for OPA! is an expression of life itself.

OPA! is an affirmation of joy, of surprise and uncontrived living.

It is the sound of dancing and of celebration.

OPA! is one of the first sounds a Greek child utters and probably the last word on one’s lips.

For OPA! sounds as if one has just witnessed God.

Here are some common uses of the word ‘OPA!’ to get you started:

Opa! I just dropped something.

Opa! What a surprise.

Opa! Stop, enough is enough.

Opa! Look whose here!

Opa! Be careful.

Opa! Let’s Celebrate.

Opa! A brief moment of synchronicity.

Opa! Fancy meeting you here.

Opa! You’re gorgeous.

Opa! Cheers.

Opa! I’m just learning how to walk.

So you’ve booked your next trip to Corfu? That’s definitely an Opa!

The blog post picture is of Corfu Island’s unique Easter Saturday pot throwing celebrations.

For inquiries and reservations you can OPA! Delfinia Hotels here.

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