Cultivated on the island are the white Petrokoritho, Moschato Aspro, Robola and Kozanitis and the red Kakotrygis and Mavrodafni.

Most wines are produced in central Corfu around the Ropa Valley and Sinarades and others are to be found further in the south towards Korission Lake.

One should seek the Ano Lefkimi red wines of Koulouris winery for youth and fragrance and the Grovino red of Vasilakis in central Corfu for age and oak and even some finesse.

While staying at Delfinia Hotels. it is possible to visit wineries in the southern parts of Corfu, particulalry those near Korission lake and Lefimmi.

Fraoula, which means strawberry, is a strong heavy red wine which does not belong to the usual wine-producing varieties but is in fact used to make wine in many households.

Moschato is cultivated with particular success in the region of Strinilas on Pantocrator. It yields a particularly fragrant white wine.

Martzavi is a dry mellow wine made from dark red grapes with heavy taste, known as black Corfiot wine.

Few Corfu wines are bottled for production and are best tasted with local food whilst driving through the island’s beautiful countryside.

We recommend you taste the following Corfu wines whilst staying on holiday at Delfinia Hotels.

The locally famous and exceptional quality Theotoky wine, dry white, red and rose, is produced and bottled in the Estate’s 30 acres of vineyards. The wine is produced in the traditional way and the process of fermentation and maturation, which takes place in stainless steel tanks gives the wine physical stability and outstanding quality and taste.


WHITE 2013 Cuvée Spéciale

Varieties: 90% Robola and 10% Kakotrigis
Description: Crystal whitish color, excellent clarity with silver highlights. Perfumes great complexity, where mineral notes dominate initially, subsequently framed fragrance primrose, jasmine and herbs. The mouth is rich and well-structured, with refreshing acidity and freshness.
Food pairing – Serving Temperature: Accompanies green salads, seafood, fresh scallops, grilled fish. Best served at 8-10 ° C.


The Grammenos family vineyards and estate are in the village of Sinarades near the better know village of Pelekas on the central west coast of Corfu. The village itself is off the tourist track with an interesting and old cultural history. You can visit the estate any time you are passing by.


Variety: Kakotrigis

Description: Brigth white yellow colour with green streaks. Fruity flavour with rich aromas of citrus. Fresh harmonious after flavour.

Best consumed: First two years of life

Served: 8 – 10 0C

Food pairing: Sea food, grilled meat, green salads, fat free cheeses

The Greek expression “Geia mas” when toasting wine, literally means lets drink to our health!

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