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Taverna Nausicaa at Delfinia Hotels is our day time eatery open to guests and visitors alike. We use our home grown vegetables to the extent that we are able and offer freshly cooked local dishes as well as some take away options for the beach. The sea side setting is ideal offering natural shade whilst capturing the lunchtime sea breeze.

We have given names to most of the public rooms and venues at Delfinia Hotels to honor qualities and virtues that inspire.

Nausicaa is the archetypal young maiden that has inspired generations of artists, men and women alike. In Homer’s epic “The Odyssey”, the hero Ulysses climbs onto shore, somewhere around Ermones beach, on the west coast of Corfu Island they say, only to lay his eyes upon Nausikaa.

A maiden of such beauty, grace and stature he thinks she is the Goddess Artemis or at least of some godly lineage.

She is no other than the daughter of King Alkinoos and Queen Ariti famed for her beauty, kindness and wisdom. Nausika awaits on the beach to dress him with royal robes and escort him to the Royal Palace of the Pheaceans.

Amongst the other maidens washing their clothes on the beach that day, Nausika was the only maiden not to run with fear in sight of the sea wrecked Ulysses. She alone, with royal dignity and kindness approached the weakened man.

It is to her call that our hero was washed and dressed and trustingly invited to stay in her royal home.

Princess Nausikaa stands for beauty of the soul as well stature. Welcoming, loving and caring she represents those qualities that would make any person, friend or foe, feel at home. Nausicaa ensures Ulysses’ life that day. As he rebirths on the Island of Corfu and sets on his final leg of the journey home to Ithaca Nausikaa says “forget me not for I gave you life”.

Luckily we don’t get any shipwrecked people on the beach around Moraitika way but at Delfinia Hotels we do our best in offering the qualities of filoxenia and hospitality that our ancestors became famed for.


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