EARTH – The Tree Project

In 2014, Delfinia Hotels’ Tree Project wanted to acknowledge the vital contribution trees make to our lives. Forty different tree signs where assigned to their equivalent parent trees that can be found in and around Delfinia Gardens. By acknowledging the trees’ presence the project successfully became an instigator for further interest and inquiry by hotel guests both young and old.
Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, seems to have been the first to use the term “element” in reference to air, fire, earth, and water which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances.

WATER – The Dolphins

Dolphins are considered teachers of joyful living and come to remind us how to take life a little more playfully. They are sacred animals in Greek mythology and important to us at Delfinia Hotels for they have given us their name.
In 2015, Delfinia Hotels’ central hall and dining area where decorated with symbols of dolphins engraved in glass. By raising awareness of their presence in Ionian waters we wish to contribute to their wellbeing and preservation.

AIR – Birds in Flight

This year, Delfinia Hotels decided to honour the element of air by introducing the wonderful images of local nature photographer and wildlife expert, Giannis Gasteratos, to our main building upgrade.
Birds, explains, Giannis are an indicator that reflect the state of their natural environment, because they are more visible and easier to count than other animals. With some 300 type of birds present on Corfu island, this is an ideal bird watching destination for all the family.

Three top birding areas in Corfu are: Alikes Lefkimmis, Korission Lagoon and Ropa Valley, the first two of which are in Corfu’s south.

We have yet to honour the element of FIRE save for being grateful for the sun that shines on everyone while on holiday in Corfu. Next year Delfinia Hotels celebrate their 50th anniversary and we are looking forward to some fiery inspiration.

Aristotle added a fifth element or quintessence called aether in Ancient Greece. For the Japanese, this element represents things not of our everyday life, so we will let this element settle for interpretations each onto their own.

We are delighted to be sharing Birds in Flight with you in 2016 and look forward to your comments and feedback.

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