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The value of Corfu Island as an exceptional holiday destination, all year around in fact, is the diversity of experiences it offers. Outside a packaged holiday stay there is a whole world of natural beauty and a rich culture to discover. One can easily enjoy the pleasures of sun and sea as well as rugged mountain highs. A regular bus service provides access to most areas of Corfu Island though a hired car or motorcycle would allow you the freedom to move as you wish.

An organized Cycling Tour of Corfu Town or Corfu’s southern ‘flatter’ country side can be an exciting way to explore the great outdoors as well as a way to meet new people with a similar sense of adventure. Cycling with a local professional means you will get to see places and details you might otherwise miss out on. A Hiking Tour can be yet another way to slow down the pace with which you take in Corfu Island’s natural beauty. The Green Island of the Mediterranean is home to nearly 1.500 different kind of wild flower and over 3 million olive trees. Its versatile rock and mineral foundations have created interesting landscapes, caves, cliffs and rocky pathways to discover at your own leisure. Both of the above activities can be booked through Delfinia Hotels reception desk.

If the sea is your thing then make sure you spend at least a day Diving or Snorkelling whilst on holiday in Corfu. The water is crystal clear on most days with at least fifty shades of blue to keep you intrigued. Weather off land or off a boat the Ionian Sea offers an exciting diving opportunity. For a day at sea for all the family why not hire a small boat for the day and be your own captain or join an organised Boat Trip to the mainland’s blue caves or further north to the shingle beaches of Corfu’s East Coast?

IMG_3819If it is inner peace and calm you are seeking whilst on holiday in Greece why not join a Yoga group or ask for private tuition if you prefer? Meditation at sunrise in the energy of Delfinia Gardens is an opportunity not to be missed. Delfinia Hotels can help you discover the ‘other’ side of Corfu Island. Local information and understanding of the Island’s healing potential is available as well as tips and guidance on where to go and what to experience. At Delfinia Hotels one may also take part in workshops or have treatments that assist in the attainment of your wellbeing, healing and relaxation. Please ask us for details. There are in fact countless things to do and explore whilst staying at Delfinia Hotels and Moraitika Beach Resort that do not fit in your average guide book. Kite Surfing and sailing for the more adventurous to Greek cooking and dancing lessons for the more down to earth. We encourage you to contact us before you arrive so we can help you plan the best holiday itinerary in advance or browse through Delfinia Blog for more ideas.

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