Taking care of Delfinia Hotels is our commitment and our pleasure.

To achieve this we have a long term team of dedicated staff that work on the maintenance of both the hotel and its gardens all year long.

We take stock of our performance at the end of each season and decide on the most effective way to improve the quality of what we provide for our guests as a holiday experience.

Over a three year period we will have renovated the entire Delfinia Hotel complex!

It is not simply about the upkeep of what is already there, but also about additional renovations and services that will enhance your stay at Delfinia Hotels.

So what’s new in 2016?

  • FREE wi-fi @Delfinia Hotels is available everywhere.


  • FREE sunbeds for all Delfinia Hotel guests.


  • 38 Bedrooms on two floors of our main Delfinia building will be entirely renovated.


  • New electricity and cooling system fittings in refurbished rooms for enhanced energy efficiency.


  • New wide sliding windows will be placed in the main Delfinia building to maximise on light and of course the spectacular views.


  • Keep an ear and eye open for our NEW 2016 Activity Programme coming out soon….


We are excited to share these improvements with you and wish to hear what you have to say about them in 2016.

 In 2017 we will celebrate the completion of all major works for Delfinia Hotels’ 50 Birthday.


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