What has this got to do with Delfinia Hotels one wonders?

For a start, Corfu Island is said to be mythical Scheria where Ulysses is washed ashore naked and forlorn. Ancient Corfu that is, was said to be the only mortal place where the Gods came down to make merry.

TAVERNA NAUSIKA  is named after the brave and beautiful ancient Greek princess whose radiant presence Ulysses mistook for the Goddess Athena herself.

It is Princess Nausika who finds Ulysses naked on the beach, somewhere around modern day Ermones beach they say. She offers him clothes and invites him to the palace of her parents King Alkinoos and Queen Ariti. It is Queen Ariti’s favour he must win in order to enter the palace.

King Alkinoos ruled over his people with fairness and justice and his kingdom was a happy one. We have named Delfinia Hotel’s northern block of rooms ALKINOOS in his name.

The Feaceans are the island’s residents who wine and dine Ulysses back to life as he recounts his journey’s trials and tribulations. It is only befitting that Delfinai Hotels’ main dining hall is named FEAKES RESTAURANT after our warm and hospitable ancestors.

Ulysses’ return journey took no less than ten years and the many trials and tribulations he went through can be read as metaphors for the life challenges of any human hero.

KIRKI BEACH BAR serves mythic cocktails and  is named after the sorceress whose magical potion turned Ulysses’ companions into swine. Apparently they had no measure or control over life’s vices and temptations.

When dwelling upon such matters one cannot fail to pay tribute to Kalypso, the alluring Oceanid who fell in love with Ulysses and even had two children by him. She kept him for seven years on her mystical far-away island of Ogygia.

Delfinia Hotels’ yurt called KALYPSO is named after this cryptic semi-goddess as a place for peaceful contemplation and other alluring activities.

Homer’s epic tale entwines the lives of mortals with that of Gods. Ulysses would not have reached Ithaca had it not been for the favour of Goddess Athena. Her wisdom in battle as in life won him favour with the Gods many a time.

Our main conference room is called ATHENA in our own quest at Delfinia Hotels for a conscious way of living.

Behind Ulysses’ trials and tribulations, on the other hand, there was usually the mighty Poseidon whom our hero failed to honour as well as killing the sea god’s son Cyclops.

It is these challenges that evolve us into life’s heroes and so in his name we call POSEIDON Delfinia Hotel’s third pool-side block of rooms.

It is impossible to think of seas and journeys in Greece both ancient and modern without the images of dolphins being conjured up. Symbol of Apollo himself dolphins have been considered sacred since ancient times and so images of dolphins often adorned palaces and temples.

DELFINAKIA is the name of our children’s activity room for the parent is DELFINIA HOTEL itself.

And so the question inevitably arises who is Ulysses in Delfinia Hotels?

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